5 Ways Dr. King Taught Us to be Epic as Writers

A REAL call to action!

The 1963 I Have a Dream Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King set a historic precedent on many levels. For the first time in all my years, I heard this speech in a completely different light as I watched the recording of it in a leadership class I had to take a few months ago. I was floored at how Dr. King brilliantly chose his words with wit, strategy and mission. As a writer I couldn’t help but think of his speech as a ground breaking example of good copy. He knew what to say, how to say it and to whom. Here are some lessons we all can take from Dr. King and apply to our next writing task.


I’ll never forget how saddened I was after finding out a colleague of mine had no real vision in their entrepeneurship. How can you enter into something with no vision? It was very clear what Dr. King wanted and he knew how to relay that vision to his listeners.

“I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.”

Talk about making a statement! A lot of the times when reading blog posts, articles, or even emails, we have no idea of what the person is trying to say or what they want. Most likely, they didn’t have any vision before jumping on the keyboard. Always know what you’re going to say, why and what you want to accomplish. Dr. King made it clear that he was speaking on behalf of everyone who wanted to see a change – a movement towards freedom.

Know your AUDIENCE

Did you ever notice how diverse the audience was in the I Have a Dream speech? There was a couple of things going on here. Dr. King knew who he was speaking FOR, but he also knew who he was speaking TO. People from all walks of life were in that audience. It wasn’t just limited to one race. It wasn’t just limited to one religion. There were different types of people listening intensely to the words being spoken to them. Not to mention all the political figures that were also there and tuned in. He knew whose attention he would be getting and he went full throttle because he knew that was part of the strategy to get RESULTS.

Know and use your HISTORY

Yes, you have a vision, but people need to know your how and why. Dr. King smartly used language from another historical figure to connect and resonate true emotion from the audience. During the 1960’s, no one was using the language “5 score years ago”, yet he chose to use those words to connect the audience with another defining moment in U.S. history under the guidance of President Abraham Lincoln. This was because there was a new level of emancipation to be reached. Therefore, he connected the two worlds, reminding everyone why action needed to take place once again.

What brings you to the place where you’re at now? Who are you looking to help and why? What significant events have taken place in your niche or industry that your audience should know about and connect with? Think about these things the next time you’re preparing a presentation or some written content.


While it is well known that Dr. King wanted peace and justice for everyone, he also made it known that he was about the business! That was the only way things were going to get done and he put this in context that everyone could relate to.

“It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note inso-far as her citizens are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked ”insufficient funds.” But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we’ve come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”

This is perhaps the greatest call to action any writer and presenter ever gave. Dr. King knew is position and what was entitled to him. Remember, this speech ultimately led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, causing lawmakers to enforce desegregation in schools and also enforce the 14th Amendment that gave citizens more position of authority in their home states. As a person, writer or business owner, know what you’re believing in and what it’s capable of giving you. No fancy words or high tech start-up campaigns needed!

Everything doesn’t have to be PERFECT

This is where I get caught up at times. Whether I’m putting a blog post together or planning a party, I always get frustrated if things aren’t lining up exactly the way I want them to.

Well, another lesson to learn from Dr. King: SPONTANEITY and IMPROVISATION.

The speech was written, but I’m sure everything did not get delivered the way they planned for it to be delivred, at least not exactly. He had his speech material with him, but he didn’t read it line for line and was still able to deliver the core content successfully.

Learning to embrace these spontaneity and improvisation in your writing and planning can work wonders. I’m in the middle of writing my first book and I’m learning this first-hand. What I saw and planned in the beginning a year ago when I started writing has greatly evolved into something even bigger. Something I never even imagined that it would be.  Because I didn’t try so hard to stick to the script, powerful connections are being made and I’m inspiring people along the way. You can do the same and more! How awesome is that?

My inspiration for this article – here

The original I Have a Dream Speech.

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Collaboration and Why it ROCKS|Introducing the BREAKOUT! Series

Breakout! collage

2016 is many awesome things such as a year of ACTION and WITNESSING. But I’d like to formally introduce one collaboration that continues to blow my mind even as I write this post. Quick back story first! As some of you may know, I’ve been on Periscope discussing different things, including my story and having chat sessions with author Sonia Huh of The Reminder, Quiet Power Peaceful Confidence. The feedback has been tremendous to say the least. Now, (after waiting on me to get it together) we have decided to collaborate and create the Breakout! Series which will be broadcasted on my Periscope channel. We will discuss various topics such as dealing with let downs, disappointing setbacks, spiritual foundation and overcoming hardship.

All I know is, things happen when people collaborate so you don’t to miss these sessions!

I previously wrote about The Reminder on my blog and will continue to talk about it as it has done wonders for me.

If you’d like more information on The Reminder and Sonia, check it out here.

If you’d like to check out our previous Periscope sessions, go here and here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next broadcast! It’s going to be awesome!


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Coming VERY Soon…don’t Miss Out!

(c) 2016 New3Creation
(c) 2016 New3Creation

There are so many things going on at New3Creation.

Awesome things!

Right now I want to share the launch of our New3Creation Academy, which aims to make you a better writer, thinker and executor! The Academy was birthed from the concerns of clients and individuals who’ve been approaching me about their writing concerns. Interestingly enough, Continue reading “Coming VERY Soon…don’t Miss Out!”

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I’m Tired and I Know You Are Too!


Image Source

Let’s face it, the same thing over and over again, year in and year out. The same struggles, the same hurdles and obstacles.

The same questions!

You’ve reached a point where you’re facing a corner and you’re not sure which way to turn. Life has done a number on you once again, but this time you’re fed up and you want to do something about it, but you just don’t know what that something is. Continue reading “I’m Tired and I Know You Are Too!”

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5 Ways to Make Your Business Better in 2016


We’re embarking on another year and time is NOT on our side. Those projects you have lined up to work on…gone and forgotten about along with everything else you planned to work on in order to improve your business. You need to get on the ball and start making real moves to see your business soar this year. Read on to find out how! Continue reading “5 Ways to Make Your Business Better in 2016”

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Stop Letting Shyness Hold You Back







I did a previous post on how being introverted can pay off. Often times, shyness is tied into being introverted. This is a huge misconception. Shyness and being introverted are two different things. Shyness gets in the way.

Shyness holds you back and keeps people away.

If you are looking to make moves in your business, career or personal life, you have to conquer certain strongholds in order to succeed in these areas. There are steps you can take in the right direction towards conquering shyness. Here’s how writing can help you take those steps:

Uncloud your thoughts

A lot of the times it’s hard to communicate with people because your thoughts are all over the place. When was the last time you did a brain dump? When was the last time to released old, stale thoughts? Writing can serve as an excellent tool to release thoughts that may have been tormenting you for a while. Once your thoughts are cleared and organized, your communication improves greatly. You’ll be able to interact with others clearly and they will understand what you have to say. This helps replace shyness with confidence.

Jot it down before the meeting

If you’re having that dreaded meeting with your boss, have to give a presentation or getting ready to have that much needed conversation with someone that has offended you, it’s critical that you’re prepared to say what you have to say. Make a list of points you want to discuss and even bring it with you to help you stay on track. You won’t look foolish doing this. Instead, you’ll look like you mean business and will be taken seriously. Making this list will help you organize your thoughts and your emotions. It will also empower you to speak up for yourself. This will leave even less room for shyness to be comfortable inside you.

Be real with yourself

When no one is looking, when you’re having that private moment within yourself, choose to take the brave step and be HONEST. Be honest with yourself and honest about your feelings. Write down how that situation made you feel, the role you played and what you’re going to do about it. Remember this is a step, not necessarily a commitment. By taking this step, you’ll see a difference in your relationships with people and how you see yourself. Shyness will play a smaller role as time goes on and you use writing as an outlet.

Using writing as an outlet is a very powerful way of releasing and dealing with situations that may be troubling you. It’s been done over and over again as some of the most successful stories told originated out of someone who was ready to release through writing. If you’re interested in releasing and being able to be understood by people more, stay tuned…there’s a great tool coming for you from New3Creation! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

Remember..ENVISION and CREATE!

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To the Soldiers Past and Present: Thank you.

Who in the world is this chick???
Who in the world is this chick???

I don’t know where the time went, but it has definitely flown by! I remember getting off that bus, with my overnight bag in tow, ready to take over the world as a member of the Armed Forces. That day dream was quickly interrupted, or should I say SNATCHED by a bunch of drill instructors with noisy shoes and brimmed hats yelling in our faces, telling us…well I won’t repeat those things here! Ha ha!

My time in was a great run as I saw tons of exciting places, met all types of people from around the world and made lifelong friendships. The experience is like no other and I would do it all over again because it’s a choice I do not regret at all. Being surrounded by others who really know the meaning of “sacrifice” will do some things to you. My eyes were opened about many things while being stationed overseas, seeing the immediate effects of war from seeing the injured soldiers at Landstuhl Hospital to standing at attention at Dover Air Base to honor the coffins that were being transported from the plane to the waiting family members.

If you come across or know someone who has served or is currently serving, take the time to really thank them for the choice they made. It wasn’t an easy one as it’s a choice that affects the rest of our lives.

Thanks. Happy Veteran’s Day!

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