To the Soldiers Past and Present: Thank you.

Who in the world is this chick???
Who in the world is this chick???

I don’t know where the time went, but it has definitely flown by! I remember getting off that bus, with my overnight bag in tow, ready to take over the world as a member of the Armed Forces. That day dream was quickly interrupted, or should I say SNATCHED by a bunch of drill instructors with noisy shoes and brimmed hats yelling in our faces, telling us…well I won’t repeat those things here! Ha ha!

My time in was a great run as I saw tons of exciting places, met all types of people from around the world and made lifelong friendships. The experience is like no other and I would do it all over again because it’s a choice I do not regret at all. Being surrounded by others who really know the meaning of “sacrifice” will do some things to you. My eyes were opened about many things while being stationed overseas, seeing the immediate effects of war from seeing the injured soldiers at Landstuhl Hospital to standing at attention at Dover Air Base to honor the coffins that were being transported from the plane to the waiting family members.

If you come across or know someone who has served or is currently serving, take the time to really thank them for the choice they made. It wasn’t an easy one as it’s a choice that affects the rest of our lives.

Thanks. Happy Veteran’s Day!

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