A New Chapter!


How do you like our new page??? It’s so exciting to revamp and recreate after being in the game for almost 2 years. That means a better experience for you as a reader, supporter and client! There are tons of things heading this way – I just want to express a sincere thanks for all the support, follows and interest that has grown over the past couple of years. It has really made a difference and hasn’t gone unnoticed. Please stay tuned for more awesome changes!

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Reality Hurts


“Reality is a mere illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

So I had a recent disappointment with a client that lead to the end of the business relationship. But it also affected the friendship that was in place as well. We’re not too sure what the future holds, but as for now everyone is standing back and just leaving the situation to have space and breathe. In the meantime, I have to reflect on what happened, take the lessons from it and carry it with me on my freelance journey.

Know Your Worth

Anything that happens to me, good or bad I have a tendency to reflect on the could’ve, should’ve, would’ves…just a little bit. It’s important to do this because I’m a strong believer in looking at oneself along the way in order to learn and get better. Now for this particular situation that took place, I have to say there were faults of mine along the way. I was very lenient with the client/friend in terms of how much I was letting them pay me for the work I was doing. Continue reading “Reality Hurts”

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In the trenches…..

Source: Pixabay photos
Source: Pixabay photos

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you all! I know, It’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve been around. Believe me, it’s not because I fell off…well in way, I did. From blogging at least. It’s because I’ve been heavily occupied with life, work and new clients. So it’s a good thing, right? Since I had a moment, I figured I should take advantage and give you all a shout!

I’m going to start off with a quote for you all: Continue reading “In the trenches…..”

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3 Ways to Lose a Client


I’m going to start this off with a simple quote I heard recently at one of my networking meetings:

“In the business world, there are only wins and lessons.”

Not wins and losses, but lessons.  Think about that for a moment. Every engagement and encounter has some type of lesson behind it. This is especially true when you’re in the business of making money and your interactions with people can make or break the moment.  One thing I have learned in this freelance journey is that the power of human connection can never be underestimated. Sure, you can accomplish a lot on your own, but knowing how to connect and stay connected comes with endless reward.  Continue reading “3 Ways to Lose a Client”

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Money in Your Own Backyard: Don’t Forget Your Local Businesses!



The first few phases of building your own business can be quite a challenge. Many times you don’t know where to start as far as online information, conferences, weird articles and endless SEO lectures. While many of these avenues are effective, it is so important to know when and how to loop back to the old-fashioned way of doing things – getting to know people and make strong connections. And you don’t have too go far to make those connections happen.

Leave a good mark…

Until recently, I often turned my nose up at the thought of making my way around the local neighborhood for some freelance business.  My previous attempts had failed, since the businesses I had visited at that point had owners who were near retirement or already had someone doing freelance work for them. Then one day I made a stop on the way home to pick up some stuff for the house when I froze at something so ideal for New3Creation – a sign advertising the visit of a local business woman who would be promoting her home made hair products. I was thrilled and immediately saw it as a promising network opportunity. I asked the store manager for more info and he told me everything else I needed to know about the business, when they visit and what they promote. Not only am I landing her as my client, but I received two other requests for my services before the week was out!

A few things to note here; if you’re a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that getting clients did NOT happen overnight. Some things needed to be done in order to make them happen, such as keeping a blog, letting potential clients know about my work, having a genuine interest in their business and get to know them on a friendly level. I had to be courteous and considerate when I interacted with them. I didn’t just go to the chase and tell them to hire me as their writer. For some it took some time to till that soil and finally get them to hire me. Trust and believe, a relationship of sorts had to built in order for it to happen.  Another thing is I have yet to land a client via social media. I know that day is coming, but in the meantime I have to acknowledge the power of going back to the basics; all of the clients I currently have are by word of mouth. Someone knew somebody and told somebody else…it’s all working out and taking a turn for the better.

Keep it simple and keep it real

People aren’t dumb, they know a gimmick when they see one. So if you think the best way is to get in people’s space and give them 101 reasons why they should hire you, I strongly advise you to think again. People skills matter. You have to know how to talk to people and promote yourself at the same time. It doesn’t take a lot; you have to be in a place of healthy confidence to do it. Because I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, I’ve learned a lot and said a lot too. Blogging has given me a good level of confidence to communicate and get my point across effectively. Being around others with the same mindset helped play a part as well. I’m saying all of this because it helped build my pitch for potential clients. Nothing to complicated, I introduce myself, tell them my business and if it’s something they would be interested in. I also take the time to find out more about them and their business. That way, if they’re not ready to commit just yet, I can have effective follow-ups with them. But I plan on expanding on that and providing in-depth tips in a future post.

Remember, you’ll be surprised at what you find in your own neighborhood. There are local businesses who need your services, it’s just matter of the two worlds meeting! Scoot away from the laptop for a minute and get out into the community. Find out what’s going on, who makes local products and what type of promotional methods they use. If your prices are too high for them, find out what you can do for them within their budget. It takes good communication to build your clientele. Just don’t forget the basics!

How do you approach your potential clients?

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Let’s Go Shopping! Support Small Business Day Nov 29.


This may come off as biased but it really doesn’t matter.

I hate holiday shopping. Hate it.

The crowds, the false advertising, the relentless traffic…it all takes a toll after a while and over the years it’s become pretty senseless. Why beat yourself up over gifts that most folks will forget about within the next few months? Trust me, your husband will not be thinking of you and the suffering you went through on Black Friday while watching the Super Bowl and his new 70 inch flat screen. You can always get that flat screen any time of the year when there are probably better deals anyway.

If you want to do real holiday shopping, get a gift that is more meaningful and personal. Here are 7 mind-provoking reasons why you should switch it up this year.


With all the talk of unemployment, it’s easy to overlook how the support of small business can have a faster and direct impact on your neighborhood. It’s been seen time and time again that small businesses stimulate economic growth with one way being hiring those who may not be able to work at big corporations. The local taxes you pay at small business will be visible to you the consumer when that money goes to support local necessities such as firefighters and libraries. Don’t forget local schools as well.

Support the Economy

Whether you realize it or not, the mom and pop shops are the backbone of the U.S. economy. Sure, the big shot retailers bring the money in, but does it go back into the communities? Remember, they were once small shops too who needed your support. Having pride in your community should include supporting the local businesses. Whether it’s getting a bite to eat or doing your holiday shopping, it makes a big difference for your neighborhood. It brings a source of uniqueness and enhancement for your community. Remember, without a local economy there would be no large economy to talk about.

Less Stress

Crowded shopping malls and rude consumers can never be a good thing. Just looking for parking alone is bound to give you a headache. Traffic increases and everyone is just so irate this time of year. It’s sheer madness in my opinion. Keeping it local and visiting the neighborhood shops is much more rewarding and peaceful experience. You won’t have to worry about mysterious dents on your car, or engaging in a parking lot war if you choose the small business route.

Shop Smarter

You may have heard the term “work harder, not smarter”. Nothing could be more true when it comes to holiday shopping. There are tons of unique small businesses in neighborhoods across the globe. It’s a matter of you knowing who you’re shopping for and what they like. For example, is someone on your shopping list on a fitness kick? Well you can get them an app that pays them to workout. Gympact is an online business based in San Francisco, CA that helps folks get fit and stay fit. Is there a person who’s into funky clothes and tattoos? Check out Brightside Boutique and Tattoo in Baltimore, MD where one can rack up on a new wardrobe and flirt around with tattoo designs. They’ll love you for it!

Uniqueness Means a Better Gift

I remember in grade school around the holidays when the Christmas lists were submitted to parents to get the hottest items of the year. By the time winter vacation ended and it was time to go back to school, there was always one other person…with the same outfit as me. Everyone wanted and usually got the same toys and same jean jacket for Christmas. As an adult, that’s kind of tacky, isn’t it? With the exception of smart phones (I won’t even debate with that), why get what everyone else is getting. I would prefer to have something so unique that others would be just dumbfounded when they see it. “Where did you get that”? or “Wow, I’ve never seen that before” are phrases that are so sweet to hear at the office.

Yeah, the electronics are great and have decent sale prices this time of year, but you can always beat the crowds and order it online (for a much better price). Why not get a gift that has a little deeper meaning and can be more appreciative of the recipient?  A massage, a mustache maintenance kit and a tattoo are some unusual but unique gifts that will be awesome for the holiday season.

Way Better Customer Service…Way Better!

Aren’t you tired of dealing with the long lines, rude service and unqualified sales reps? These things just take all the joy out of the holiday season and dims any hint of a festive mood. The intimate, relaxed atmosphere of small businesses reminds us why giving is important. It also reminds us that being kind to others is one thing that wsill never go out of style, no matter how advanced technology gets. Great customer service is ALWAYS appreciated. Don’t you love it when you experience someone who’s actually paying attention to you and what you want?

Will you switch it up this year, or will you take the road that’s always traveled?

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A Real Look at the Writer Within


Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works. – Virginia Woolfe

After reading tons of blog posts and articles, one has to step away from all of that and check out the writer in the mirror sometimes. “What is my purpose”? “Why am I here”? Those questions tend to come to mind time to time and lately, there’s been a real pressing to answer those questions.

An answer has finally been reached

But it didn’t come easily….. some serious searching and acceptance of a few things took place; one being the love and gift I have of writing. I’m not putting myself on a pedestal by saying that. Anyone can write if you ask me. But the point of me making such a statement is because writing is something that’s been embraced for years. It’s served as an avenue of escape and refuge. It’s earned adoration from friends, teachers and families alike. But there is more to it than that. A lot more.

What’s the purpose?

Any gift or talent we have is for a reason. It’s not for us to sit on our whole lives and not share in some type of way, no matter how unique it may be. In fact, it’s that uniqueness that makes it necessary to share, believe it or not. Writing has so many purposes intertwined and my own writing is no exception. This writer has a story to tell. A story with a specified purposes that will help others and let them know they can be set free. As a writer with a story to tell, a responsibility lies within that continues to grow more and more everyday. It has come to the point where it can no longer be contained or stay quiet.

The story involves pain, reality and reflecting. It speaks of a journey that many can relate to but choose not to speak about for one reason for another. Through the channel of literature, this writer will describe this journey and give readers insight, awareness and even hope.

The realization

It wasn’t easy for the writer to get to this point, especially since the intent is not to get huge Twitter followers or make money. It was about a need to release; a need to put this story together and share with anyone who will listen. This writer is used to dealing with things and moving on to the next – not telling a story. So there are feelings of excitement, anxiety, fear and curiosity because this is something the writer has no control over. She’s just letting things take their course, which is one of the hardest things she’s ever done…letting go.


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Daily Post – I Would Never do That to You….


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Daily Post. I came across it today and couldn’t resist! So if I had to come up with one question that would determine whether or not I would let someone be my friend, what would it be?

After going through some of life’s hard knocks, one learns a lot at some point and they also are fed up and put up boundaries. Not out of spite, but because they know their worth. The question I would pose is this:

Would you take advantage of one’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, or would you pounce on it to make you feel better about yourself?

I’m not sure how old the readers of this post are, but at some point in life you reach a place where enough is enough and you have to draw the line. It’s like second nature for most people to take advantage of someone when they don’t know any better or don’t have certain strengths. They jump on the opportunity to make someone feel even worse about a vulnerability they have just to make themselves feel better. It’s like those fights your classmates used to have on the playground where one person got beat up. When that happened they would run home and get their “reinforcers” to come and take care of the situation. Don’t treat people in such a crappy way because when they come to realization about themselves, they come back with reinforcement and you will NEVER treat them that way again!

This is not just in friendships, it’s every where in life, including the type of job you decide to take and what writing assignments you decide to accept (yes, I had to make a writing reference – I’m a freelance writer for crying out loud!).

So if you’re finding yourself saying “no” more or having an answer for someone who comes at you the wrong way, there’s nothing bitchy about it. You’re growing and you’re learning your self-worth.

And most of all – ask questions! Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

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It’s Harvest Time


And just like that, summer’s gone and the cold months are about to set in (this entire year has flown by like nothing). In order to get ready for the winter, now is the time to reap the crops that have matured the past few months. There will be no worries in the cold months because there’s a serious stash of food – all because the past few months were used to cultivate and grow food.

Besides the fact that time flies, it’s important to cultivate properly and bring in a good harvest. Are you looking for something to happen in a specific area of your life, such as a career move or starting a special relationship with someone? What steps have you taken to make it happen? A lot of times, we do more expecting than working. The season comes and goes without any fruit to pick, and we end up frustrated. You can break that cycle immediately and get to work. As I mentioned before, there were a lot of moves I had to make to get my promotion. It wasn’t easy by any means, but I knew what I wanted and it just had to be done. It can be difficult to get out of the area of wanting and to step over into the realm of WORK. It’s difficult to tend that soil in the beginning, but in the end it all pays off.


This is a constant battle many of us fight. The war within, the fight against oneself to do or be better. It’s never an easy task but it has to be done. I rage in this war all the time; whether it’s staying fit, blogging (!), being productive on the job or keeping myself in a good head space. I’m always reminded of where I’m aiming to go and the plan I have to get there. So here’s the thing: what do you actually want? That’s the first thing that needs to be established. From that point, you’ll know how to pace yourself. Self-discipline is no walk in the park, but there are days when you’re simply not feeling it, and that’s fine. Everyone is allowed a down day every now and then. In fact, they’re necessary to remind you of the goal you’re working towards because eventually you’ll have to pick up working where you left off. Are you the planning type? Be sure to invest a certain amount of time towards this goal each and every day – no matter how long or short that time may be! If there was a shorter, easier way around it, I would share it but there simply isn’t. There has to be focus and dedication involved.

Reap the Harvest!

I’ve read countless stories on writers and bloggers who put in years of hard work and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. It’s the sweetest thing to sit back and watch things work for you after so much hard work has been put in. But the journey to get there is never easy. There’s a lot of lessons to learn, and a few heartbreaks may even be involved, but at the end, it will all be worth it.

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