Daily Post: Groundhog Wars

Well I’ll be!

Just when I was feeling bad about not blogging for the past several days, low and behold, the Daily Prompt has the word “Groundhog” in it! This is hilarious because I’ve been fighting a serious battle with groundhogs in my yard ALL WEEK, so when I saw today’s prompt, you know I wasn’t passing up the opportunity! Couldn’t be more fitting, folks. J

So last Saturday I finally put procrastination to the side and decided to water my flower bed. The rain had stopped for a few days and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get yard work done. I walk over to the bed with my water hose in tow when out of nowhere I see some gray fuzzy critters scurry underneath my doorstep and into the ground….I slowly put the water hose down and dashed back into the house for safety! What the heck was that? I’ve been in my home for about a year and a half now. There are definitely animals in the area, but I’ve never encountered any of them at such a close range. After much research and visits to my local Home Depot, I discovered my yard had a case of the groundhogs….cute, but very destructive. If they had picked any other spot in my yard I would’ve been fine with it because they’re quiet and they go about their business. But they were right next to the foundation of my house and were having a serious digging party. Keep in mind they’re notorious for digging to the point where a structure’s foundation could be destroyed if they’re not managed. Not my house – no way. Wrong address, woodchucks!

My poor flowers! Right when they were budding, the tips were snatched by the villans!
My poor flowers! Right when they were budding, the tips were snatched by the villans!

Of course the internet is filled with crazy remedies to that claim to run them off your property. Chicken wire, moth balls, rosemary oil, poisoned worms, radios (!), bombs…you name it, it supposedly resolves your groundhog problem. To be honest, I tried the more “sensible” theories; I brought ammonia and poured some in the hole and then splashed some around the front of my house Why? Because ammonia smells like pee, and they don’t like the smell of anyone else’s, so they relocate to another spot. Well, it didn’t work, in fact, I saw an extra member join the posse over the next few days! Meanwhile, the flower buds are being destroyed, droppings are all over my yard and the hole seems to get bigger.

This is the hole they dug out. Fortunately it's only one hole, they didn't create underground condos like other groundhogs do.
This is the hole they dug out. Fortunately it’s only one hole, they didn’t create underground condos like other groundhogs do.

When I realized none of the alternative options would be effective, I finally resorted to the most effective way to keep them from clawing at my foundation; I hired an animal control expert to trap and remove them from my yard. Bait was laid out and the trap was set. It didn’t take long, two of them were caught within a matter of 2 hours. I love animals, but I won’t take the chance of having my foundation tampered with. They had to go!

One of the two villans that were caught. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper!
One of the two villans that were caught. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper!

To finally answer the question, there is something I would change from this past week. Because it was a first time situation, I was really worried about handling the groundhogs properly, so I hired a company to come out and set traps and relocate them. Come to find out, it’s something I could’ve done myself for a fraction of what I had to pay. Instead, I was turned off about stories of them becoming violent and defecating in your car as you transport them to a safer spot. I could’ve dealt with all of that without anyone getting hurt. It goes to show me that I don’t need to face situations with so much fear. I could’ve taken the bull by its horns…or in this case the woodchuck by it’s love for veggies.

A good learning lesson for me. Next time, I won’t be so fearful.




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Happy Father’s Day: An Ode to “K”

I admire you, I admire your strength

From you I’ve learned to keep drama at arm’s length

Though heartbreak and disappointment

You manage to persevere

Each day for you brings new adventures

Uncertainties and fears

You don’t falter, you don’t fall behind

Things stay in place

Some days are better than others, but it never shows on your handsome face

When your children are older, they will look back and remember

The values they learned will make them fonder

I can’t help but think of the time you make for me

Each moment is perfect and to the “t”

All the hats you juggle, all the needs you meet

You maintain your lovely humor

And manage to stay so sweet!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Food for Thought Thursday

I’ve always frowned on weak leadership. Whether it’s political, religious or in the work place. I think to myself “what’s the deal”? Nonetheless, I always go back to myself and wonder what I would do to better a situation if I was in that leader’s position. I can’t just go around pointing fingers all the time.

With that being said, I would like to share today’s food for thought…a Ugandan proverb:

The chief kills the life of the village, not the trader.

What are your thoughts on this proverb? How would you apply it to your everyday happenings in life?

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You Had one for Pre-K?


A year book from pre-kindergarden…this is the answer I came up with for today’s Daily Post. At first I thought about a hair brush that I still have from when I was in 6th grade…but that’s a whole other story and was outdone by my old crusty yearbook.

I remember sitting in pre-k putting the yearbook together. The night before I had my mom fussing about having to give pictures from the album in order to complete the school project. I was told to take care of the pictures and not let anything happen to them. Once I came home with the finished project my parents looked at it, then looked at each other, then looked at it again. “This is it?” They asked with a puzzled smile on their faces. “Oh….it’s nice….”.

It was tacky. It didn’t make sense and it just wasn’t that appealing. Over the years, it got tossed around between moves and relocations. I lived in another part of the world for a while and mom held on to it for me along with some other junk I refused to throw away. Now, over 30 years later, I still have it with me, taking up space in my basement. I’ve been clowned and ridiculed for still holding onto this “yearbook”. Pages are missing, torn and faded. But it meant so much me as I put it together and I’m still not ready to part with it.

No one gets it but me. Oh well.





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Food for Thought Thursday

Okay, here’s another North African proverb; what do you think it means and how does it apply to everyday life?

“Who is brave enough to tell the lion that his breath smells?”

I think this can be applied as a writer. We often come face to face (or laptop to laptop) with confrontation that may involve disagreements or vastly different opinions on a subject we’re passionate about. In any case, the writer shouldn’t feel inferior when expressing their perspective.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

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It’s Not Enough to Just be Alive

Don’t just exist – live.

I don’t know if that saying comes from someone else, but I’m claiming it as my own quote! Copyright!

Alright, on a serious note, a lot of us have been taught to thank God for another day, or that it’s a miracle to be alive another day…if that isn’t a lie, then I don’t know what is. Furthermore if that’s what’s considered a miracle of God, then the standards of what God can do for one’s life is pretty pathetic. I will expound on that in a later post. Right now I want to focus on the fact that a lot of folks are just looking at survival. Very little thought is actually given towards living. I realized this for myself not too long ago and I’m still learning now.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect

If that’s the case, you’ll stay waiting because things will never be perfect. You can go out on a limb today if you want to. Get out of the comfort zone and do something different. I used to be scared to go places by myself because I was worried about what people would say about me. Now, I could care less. That decision alone has brought new ideas and revelations for my betterment. All because I decided to step out and go walk by the harbor by myself.

Make a decision

You’ve probably read and heard many things about living successfully and making changes. Well, nothing is going to happen if you don’t make a decision. Once you make your mind that you want to live and not just exist, the first thing you have to tackle is your mindset. So many harmful things have been programmed in us – from our own doing and from others. You will actually have to let go of certain beliefs and fears in order to make progress. If not you’ll be stuck at square one with a lot of regrets.

Linda Tanner
Okay so you’ve got the survival skills down…start living so you won’t have that confused and dazed look on your face.

Are you afraid of living?

At some point, please ask yourself that question if you haven’t already. We get very comfortable in living paycheck to paycheck or by being reactive instead of proactive. When it comes to living a better life we’re afraid to step out because of the changes that come. Don’t let situations or emotional occurrences make the decision for you. They can serve as a guide up to a certain point, but use your mind and determine what direction is best for you to do more than just exist.

Many times when we overcome or survive a touch situation, we get stuck in survival mode. That’s when the victim mentality creeps in and takes over. Everything goes downhill from there. Victims can NEVER live. Once they decide to stop being victims, then they can live.

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