5 Ways to Make Your Business Better in 2016


We’re embarking on another year and time is NOT on our side. Those projects you have lined up to work on…gone and forgotten about along with everything else you planned to work on in order to improve your business. You need to get on the ball and start making real moves to see your business soar this year. Read on to find out how!

Get on the road

Sure you’re making your rounds on social media, and it’s paid off for you big time. But you can take your business to the next level through in-person networking as well. Those conferences and seminars within your industry are still in effect and still have powerful benefits. Not only do these outlets let people know you’re a real person, but it’s great exposure for your business. Meeting new people and making fresh contacts just may be the kick your business needs to get to that next level. Getting out and visiting local events in your area can be beneficial. Expos, conferences and community events provide opportunities for you to get out there and make yourself known.

Explore outside your niche

Your vision for your business should always be open for change, but more importantly, you shouldn’t hesitate to go outside your industry as far as clientele and networking. If you’re in the food business, you don’t always have to go to food conferences. Visit the soap sites, the writing sites. They may hold events that require catering – which would be a benefit for your business. You’re increasing your knowledge and expanding your horizon with these types of moves. Always be open when it comes to vision and networking.

Engage your competition

Naturally, you want to compete with those in the same arena as you, and that’s okay. Just be sure to not make it all about competition. By interacting with those in your industry, you learn different types of tips you may not have been familiar with and you’ll form wonderful friendships in the process. Once the feeling of threat and competition is eliminated, beneficial networking and new insights begin to take place. You’ll get insider info on topics in your industry you didn’t know or realize before. You’ll even get answers to questions that may cost you money elsewhere. Yes, you actually SAVE money by engaging your competition as opposed to going against it.

Get REAL testimonials

“Working with ABC Company was a great experience” is not a real testimonial. If you have clients who have positive feedback from working with you, get as much information as you can to draw future clients. Why was it a great experience working with you? What was the problem with the client before they started working with you? Were you able to help them eliminate any fears they may have had in the first place? These are just some of the questions to ask in order to get feedback that will help you gain new clients. No Blue Creative, a social media company provides great information on getting meaty testimonials. Check out what they have to say.

Educate yourself

In order to stay on top of our game and be aware of the latest developments in your industry, think about where and how you can educate yourself. Many online communities have formed training courses for small business owners. Since the entrepreneur movement is still pretty new, there are a lot of courses being formed under beta (testing) mode to get input and feedback from students, which will make the course even better for future participants. The Small Business Administration is a great place to start in terms of educational resources. Check out their site here.

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