Be Hospitable…To Yourself.

No, this is not my desk.
No, this is not my desk.

Writer’s block. Blank pages. Frustration. The list goes on when it comes to writing a novel or writing your own story. Not just writing it, but making sure the end product is worth getting. You have a message to deliver and it has to be powerful and have impactl. So why are you struggling to come up with words?

Clean up

From personal experience, let me tell you – you’ll be surprised.

Let me explain.

It’s amazing how much your environment can affect your productivity. You’ve got your mind set to get a chapter or outline (or a blog post) done. The right intentions are there, the content is ready and then….nothing.

It never gets done. Why?

Because the place is a hot mess, that’s why. What does your working environment look like? Do you even have a working space? Now, I’m not saying you’re supposed to have some cozy room with an office chair and vintage typewriter and glasses at the edge of your nose for you to be some authentic writer who’s out to change the world with their next book.

But there has to be some type of order. Respect your work!

Where is the space you need to actually sit down and write? As I’m writing this, my “office space” is a scattered mess. Piles of papers, a vacuum cleaner and a cluttered desk would pretty much describe the place that was designated for me to flourish in my writing. Actually, it’s much better than what is was before, but I came to a realization that in order for me to be productive, the clutter had to go away. There needed to be enough room for my laptop and notebook in order for me to think clearly and be productive. The past couple of weeks I’ve been able to tackle the piles of clutter and it had an immediate effect on my productivity.

If you’re serious about getting this story out, there should be a designated space in your home, office, public library or wherever, for you to get some work done however often you need to. You may have a clean space and nothing is still happening for you. Is the TV still on? You might want to turn it off. Again, I’m telling you this from first-hand experience.

Opening up space and decluttering your environment is welcoming for you and your writing. Make room for your creativity and thoughts to come and do what they do!

It’s not about you

Yes, it’s your story and yes you’re putting in the work. But it’s not about you.

It’s about the person who’s going to pay that visit to the book store and explore the different genres and come across your book to read. It’s about the person who’s looking for inspiration of some sort and is seeking to see what someone else did and needs a reference to learn. It’s about the person who may be simply looking for a good read.

These are the people you need to have in mind when putting your story together. Anything can happen as a result of you writing your story. Lives can be changed; people can make choices for the better…anything can happen. That’s where your mind should be at some point. Not just about being a best-seller, but making a real impact on your audience. That’s where respect can be gained – when you’ve established a successful relationship with your audience because from there so many other opportunities can grow.

Remember it’s a process

You have to take time to make things happen. Don’t trust that everything will come in one big wave and then you’re done. It may come it spurts, it may not be time just yet. But once you’re on the right track and you’ve started writing, make sure you take time to explore with your creativity and   it daily. It doesn’t have to mean writing 10 chapters everyday, even if you just jot down ideas or read another author’s work, that’s a step towards completion.

Tidy up a bit. Your mind will appreciate it. Now go and write!

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