Book Review – A Life Apart by L.Y. Marlow



Whether or not it’s hard to admit, it’s always a good feeling to read a warm love story. L.Y. Marlow strives to provide a story of love, life and pain her latest fiction, A Life Apart. The story begins its focus on Morris, a new dad and sailor for the Navy. While serving his country he becomes a part of U.S. History as being one of the sailors attacked on Pearl Harbor. Then there’s Beatrice; a young African-American woman who is attending college in Boston, Massachusetts. She’s a woman of the south, hailing from Mississippi and learns to adjust quickly in her new surroundings.

These two individuals are worlds apart, but become connected in the most uncommon way by a link of friendship and brotherhood – Beatrice’s brother Robert. The attack on Pearl Harbor destroys and brings together many things at the same time – especially for Beatrice and Morris. An uncanny love develops between them over time despite trying to fight the attraction they have for one another, an attraction that could also be dangerous for them and their families, considering Beatrice is black and Morris is white. For a time when racism was probably at an all-time high in America, Beatrice and Morris face the most difficult obstacles in trying to build and avoid their love over the years.

The story goes deeper when the unspeakable happens for both Beatrice and Morris, the world they built as individuals is shaken by life’s turmoil and surprises. Greif, shock and pain fill both of their lives as the love between them stays rooted. Beatrice makes some of the hardest decisions of sacrifice and humility because of her love for Morris and it all turns into a twisting shock for the reader.

A Life Apart is filled with historical occurrences and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with complicated relationships. It also displays the unexplainable power of sacrifice and forgiveness. Despite laws of segregation, marriage and societal barriers, love miraculously abounds.

What others around the web are saying:

A Life Apart is a poignant and touching tribute to historical events that forged the United States we know today.” – Sabrina Williams of Breenibooks

“…Marlow deftly tugs the heartstrings throughout.” Kirkus Reviews

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