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(c) 2016 New3Creation
(c) 2016 New3Creation

There are so many things going on at New3Creation.

Awesome things!

Right now I want to share the launch of our New3Creation Academy, which aims to make you a better writer, thinker and executor! The Academy was birthed from the concerns of clients and individuals who’ve been approaching me about their writing concerns. Interestingly enough, these are people from all walks: Lawyers, business owners, career individuals and first time authors. These people are definitely brilliant, know what they want and have proven to be successful in their own right. But they all had that one similar challenge – putting things down on paper in a clear, respectful and healthily assertive manner. They’re great at introducing topics and carrying conversation, but the insecurity creeps in and take over when it comes to putting together a powerful correspondence, a friendly email or a request for that promotion they know they deserve.

Your business communication matters!

As business owners and individuals, we cannot afford to cramp up when it comes to putting things down on paper. Sure, initial conversation is very powerful and gets the ball rolling, but how do you follow up with that one CEO you had an awesome talk with at a networking event the other day? How do you formally propose financial support for your non-profit from that huge corporation? Sure you can hire someone to do it for you, but current finances don’t provide you with that choice to hire a full time writer, or you’re not that trusting yet to have someone else represent you on paper.

One of the goals of New3Creation Academy aims to help business owners and career oriented individuals improve their writing voice through confidence, learning proper etiquette and including words that matter onto paper that will make wonderful things happen for their business and careers. The first course, Kill the Drama! Communications Course aims to help you exclusively with your business communication skills. Participants will be equipped with helpful templates and exercises that they can rely on when developing their written materials such as proposal letters, responding to nasty emails, making your position known in correspondences and much, much more!


Enrollment for Kill the Drama! Will start very soon! In the meantime, you can read all about it here . Stay tuned for updates on enrollment and pricing!

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