I’ve Been Living What I’m Preaching

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And it took someone else to point that out to me. That’s why it’s important to have some type of spiritual foundation in your life because you never know who’ll be sent your way – for good and bad reasons! I’m in the middle of many projects right now because New3Creation is entering another dimension. If you’ve read my previous posts, you will see that I go head to head with fear a lot. For good reason though. Fear is probably the largest out of all emotions that humans deal with on a day to day basis. It’s the reason why good and poor decisions are made. It’s the reason why people chose to stay miserable, or why they chose to impose misery on others.

I’ve definitely done foolish things out of fear, whether it was from fear of being alone or fear of failing, I’ve had to clean up some messes in my life and learn precious lessons. Nevertheless, I’ve also conquered a lot of things as a result of embracing fear. I’ve shared some those experiences here as well. I’m pointing these references out because what I write and what I live have met and intertwined in an awesome way. One way I’ve realized this is in my quest to become an established freelancer. The blog posts, podcasts and articles are endless: How to Build Your Pitch, How to Land Clients, How to do this and that and so forth. I’ve read them all! I had to get to a point where I was actually taking some type of action to get work. Before I go on let me say that I absolutely hate cold emails and phone calls. It just seems deceptive because you’re reaching out to someone as if the two of you have hung out before and you’re calling/emailing them to catch up. The fact is you don’t know them and they certainly don’t know you, so why should they give you time of day? Well I’ve had my fair share of “no’s” and “not interested” responses than I care to remember. But I think about my goals and the quality of my writing and keep making those phone calls anyway.

One day, I was making my usual phone calls when I got a hold of the editor of a local magazine on the phone. I did my usual pitch and offered her an article on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. She gladly excepted and asked me to send her my info right away. It didn’t end there, I was also invited to an annual gala the publication holds which turned out to be awesome and open a lot of doors for me. That same event lead to me having a conversation with someone who was intrigued with my business and the projects I was working on – especially the main project of telling my story. I was asked what was the hold up and I gave every excuse in the book. But they were amazed when I told them how I ended up at the event in the first place. The fact that I had picked up the phone, made phone calls and landed a gig was a huge demonstration of how I looked fear dead in the face and conquered it! I had to take a minute and think about it…I thought about the various blog posts I had written, telling my audience to embrace fear. Well I just haven’t been talking the talk, I’ve definitely been walking the walk as well. Not that I didn’t believe what I was writing, I didn’t know that I was openly implementing it in my own life as well.

In other words, I know what the heck I’m talking about!

It’s annoying to see writers, bloggers or broadcasters who just write or talk just for the sake of hearing themselves. There’s no real connection with their readers, they’re just loving the fact that they’re known. There’s no real substance to what they’re saying or writing.

I share based on what I’ve walked or seen with my own eyes. No games here. I’m letting others know what’s out there because people who are at the level I’m looking to be at never hesitate to share insight with me.  They’ve let me know what to expect and what to learn from

Now I realize I’ve come a lot farther than I even thought in conquering this whole fear monster. Now as for going to that next level of telling my story, walking away from my comfort zone and being totally free, is this something I’m going shy away from?  We shall definitely see about that.

Answer: Absolutely not.

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