In the trenches…..

Source: Pixabay photos
Source: Pixabay photos

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you all! I know, It’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve been around. Believe me, it’s not because I fell off…well in way, I did. From blogging at least. It’s because I’ve been heavily occupied with life, work and new clients. So it’s a good thing, right? Since I had a moment, I figured I should take advantage and give you all a shout!

I’m going to start off with a quote for you all:

“The fastest way to change your thoughts, develop a higher self-confidence, and feel valued is to develop relationships with people who will encourage you, raise the bar, and help you develop the skill sets you need to get where you want to go.”  ~ DeLores Pressley, Supercharge Success presentation

This carries tons of wisdom, it’s hard to pick where to start! I will tell you that who you choose to surround yourself with can make or break your destiny. Yes, it has that much of an effect on you and your life. I can definitely attest to that! My freelance business wouldn’t have gone in the direction it has gone in if I didn’t surround myself with people who are respectful and excited about my vision. People who understand the grind of balancing the 9-5 life and the side hustle, people who have made a decision to make it no matter what.

People who dare to be different.

If you aren’t around those kinds of people, trust me, you won’t make it very far. I previously wrote about surrounding yourself with people who are better than you. If you have a vision, it has to be protected. Don’t let it become trampled with self-doubt and naysayers. Remember, those things always come, but it’s up to you on whether or not they stick around.

I won’t make any promises on when I’ll be back! J I’ll just say you’ll be hearing from me more often than in the last few months. Have a splendid week!

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