Whatever Happened to Quality Journalism?

File via Flickr: Zarco Drincic
File via Flickr: Zarco Drincic

As an aspiring writer, I always look forward to a good, informative read. Whether it’s an established news resource or an opinion on a hot controversy, I open websites and newspapers with anticipation and expectation of decent material. I have to say content and its quality has changed dramatically over the years. Being able to rely on news and publication is important to me not only as a writer but as an individual who chooses to be informed and doesn’t mind taking the time to research reliable material. But when I go looking I come across endless amounts of tacky an deceiving headlines, not to mention useless information. Oh, and don’t forget about the obnoxious reports on celebrities, what they’re doing, wearing or whatever else they do with their so-called lives. Okay, well what about actual reporting on issues that could have a significant impact on my life? Why should I care about Kimye’s wedding or if Nicki Minaj dissed Izzy Agalea at the awards show (I’ve never heard any songs by the first and don’t even know a thing about the second one’s existence)? Sadly, they make the headlines everyday.

I’m no perfect writer, I make mistakes and grammatical errors every now and then, but sheesh, I’ve seen 9 year olds have better writing skills then what’s printed in these publications! What is going on and when did the quality of writing and reporting plummet?

Anyone know of places I could go to get useful information on news/current events? What’s your take on today’s news coverage?

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